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Fiona Daly YOGA


Yoga – the coming together of mind, body and life force, originating from the Sanskrit root word yui, meaning ‘to concentrate one’s attention, to yoke, to join’.  Yoga is an ancient practice originating in India, possibly dating back to 3000 BCE and beyond. It is non religious system open to those with or without a faith; its teachings have stood the test of time and are as relevant to our lives today as they were thousands of years ago.


Embarking on a practice of yoga you enter into a journey of exploration and discovery, cultivating Self awareness, Self enquiry, developing creativity from within, through the expression of pranayama, asana and relaxation. Allow yourself to be free and just be. Be in the moment!


Many people first come to yoga for the physical aspect, they want to be more flexible, get fit, and lose weight, others simply want relax with some ‘me’ time. Whatever reason you have for stepping on to the yogic path, it won’t be long before your reap many of the benefits that yoga  brings; a general sense of overall wellbeing, improved strength, concentration, confidence, suppleness, posture, breath awareness, and less prone to illness .


Regardless of your length of practice or how flexible or inflexible you are, or your spiritual or religious inclination, I encourage the individual to work at their own pace in that moment.  I also offer hands on assists and modifications as well as more challenging asana for those who dare to take themselves to their ‘edge’ and beyond.


Allow your yoga practice to be a metaphor for life, an exploration of Self on the mat can help to deal with life's challenges off the mat. Or simply allow it to be a meditation in motion; finding the stillness within. Find your inner sanctum.


No special clothing is required, just you and your willingness to step on to the mat, which are provided at

both venues.


oVinyasa Flow Yoga is the harmonisation of breath combined with movement, flowing from one asana to another; classes can be energising, igniting your internal fire, revitalising and enlivening you, or you can slow it down to a pace that suits your body ‘in the moment”. All levels welcome with modifications for a gentler practice and challenging asana offered to those with a more dynamic practice.


oSivananda Yoga is a more classical form of hatha yoga, with an emphasis on pranayama and deep relaxation. There are 12 foundation postures or asana, from which you can grow, just as the acorn grows into a mighty oak.


oPrenatal Yoga - Vinyasa Bloom and Flow a gentle vinyasa inspired yoga class for the expectant mum, icludes breath work and long relaxation.





The moment is never lasting, ever changing, crazy amazing. Love it, live it. Create. Be!.


All copyright of Fiona Daly 2022.

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