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"I wanted to try yoga but was a little apprehensive. Luckily my first yoga class was a Sivananda based class with Fiona Daly who made me feel most welcome and quickly eased my anxiety. By the end of that first class I felt great. The whole experience was a real revelation for me, thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended."



"Fiona’s yoga classes are illuminating, challenging and playful. With an emphasis on listening to your body in the moment to determine what it needs and where it can go, the practice encourages self-discovery. I have been inspired by my sessions with Fiona — her instructions are clear and thoughtful and some of her tweaks have made a huge difference to the way I approach and feel asanas, even prompting “Aha!” moments. But the main quality that lasts no matter how sweaty and vigorous the session is the deep peace and joy I feel come the end (and that’s without even mentioning the intense relaxation that comes from a Yoga Nidra session!). It’s like I’ve come home when I practice with Fiona."



"They say when you've chosen a path of yogi, however big or small your practice is, if you put your heart in it, it starts guiding you in your life. So I wasn't even surprised when having just moved to London, I found a yoga teacher, whose practice and mindset resonated so deeply with mine. Maybe not very surprised, but very grateful.

Since then Fiona has not only been an inspiration, a person who widened and enhanced my practice, but also a very attentive practice to practice mentor, who though I've been doing yoga for quite awhile, has helped me to improve and master asana, I was sure I was doing quite well.

The best quality about Fiona, as a yoga teacher, is her ability to work with all levels - from 0 to advanced and on. She is very helpful and instructive with beginners, teaching them to become aware and in control with their own practice and inspiring and encouraging with the advanced levels whose practice is constantly becoming a huge part of their lives.  Namaste"

Dasha Collins


Before I attended my first yoga class, I imagined that the teacher would be a super stretchy, super judgemental and super strict kind of yoga god who would no doubt also be wielding some sort of sharp stick used for punishing inflexible people such as myself. Seriously. Fortunately the reality couldn’t be further from that image and whilst Fiona is certainly super stretchy, she is nothing at all like what I was expecting. Not only is Fiona a very attentive and patient teacher, she is also a very lovely and down to earth person and I have looked forward to every class that I have attended. Yoga has helped me to become a much calmer and more self-aware person whilst also helping to improve my strength and flexibility. To say that I enjoy yoga would be an understatement and I am very thankful that I began my yoga journey with Fiona as I think that having found the right teacher is one of the reasons I enjoy it so much.




The moment is never lasting, ever changing, crazy amazing. Love it, live it. Create. Be!.


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